Activated charcoal face mask

Activated charcoal face mask

How can Activated Charcoal Help your skin?
Rid of your impurities with Activated Charcoal, shrink your pores and balance your oils on your skin!


How to Use: 
Remove any make up or daily build up on your skin by doing your usual skin cleansing routine. Dry your face with a towel, push back any lose hairs with our headband and prepare to put your mask on. Use your hands or our face mask applicator and apply the mask to your face, you can use different masks of ours for different areas of the skin if that suits. Once applied, leave on for 15 - 20 minutes. Make sure your rinse your applicator straight away and put the lid back onto the mask.

Kaolin Clay, Aqua, Australian Pink Clay, Activated Charcoal, vegetable glycerin, Coconut Oil, Preservative (Safe)

Storing Instructions: 
Store in a cool dark place and use within 6 weeks of purchasing. Ensure no additional water goes into the masks to ensure longevity.

110 Grams - 7 - 12 uses depending if you extended to neck etc.


*Please patch test before using any products that contain ingredients you are unsure of how your body will like it, if irritation occurs, please discontinue use. 

vegan, vegetarian, cruelty-free, nut free