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Cherry blossom - Rainbow candle medium

Cherry blossom - Rainbow candle medium

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Made from high quality soy wax.

These bright and beautiful candles have a burn time of 30+ hours and high scent throw. 




High quality soy wax,
fragrance oil, mica powder

How to use

Candles require a memory to be set if this is not done it may effect the life of candle and cause tunneling.

The first burn of the candle is most important, allow 1-1 1/2 hours for the wax to burn to the edges and form a full pool of wax.

Use a wick trimmer to cut the excess charred wick

Warnings / Safety

Warning - Keep out of direct sun light. Do not move a lit
candle. Always keep out if reach if pets and children.

Place candle on a stable, heat resistant surface. Avoid areas with drafts.
Never leave lit candle unattended. 

Container may become hot to touch. 

Always store candle in a cool dry area < 25 degrees.l and away from direct


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