Shampoo bars
Shampoo bars
Shampoo bars
Shampoo bars
Shampoo bars
Shampoo bars
Shampoo bars

Shampoo bars

• S H A M P O O - B A R S •

Shampoo bars are an amazing alternative to bottles.
With no waste products and make from natural products. These not only provide amazing benefits for your hair but they also are beneficial the environment.

Each bar contains conditioning agents which assist with the conditioning and maintaining hair. 

For extra conditioning we reccomend our conditioner bars which are full on natural and nourishing oils. 

These 50gm bars last between 30+ washes each. 

Citrus blend contains orange mandarin essential oils suitable for oily and dandruff hair and thickening of the hair. 

Eucalyptus and tea tree have been known to eliminate and prevent head lice. Suitable and safe for the little ones hairs as well. 

Our other bars contain fragrance oil which don't leave the hair greasy but add a subtle extra scent to hair care. They are suited for most hair types. 


Any medical or skin conditions it is not reccomended you use these products without consulting a health professional. 


Always patch test items before use. 

If irritation occurrs cease use immediately.

Wash thoroughly. 

Keep in a dry area in between uses. 



Sodium Coco Sulphate, BTMS 50, cetyl Alcohol, Coconut Oil, Witch Hazel, Alo Vera Powder, Polyquat 39, Essential oil/ fragrance oil, skin safe colouring