Fragrance Bible

 50 shades

Alluring, seductive and mysterious this powerful perfume type is a hit amongst the men who wear it and women it captures.

Sweet mandarin, coastal breeze with a mix of red and cedar wood as well as leather, patchouli and musk makes this one a classic for work or play.



Amalfi coast / Almalfi

Open coastal winding roads, sea breeze and ocean views is this scents essence.

A fresh blend of calming Lavender with a twist of lemon, lime and Sandalwood which compliments this relaxing fragrance.

Apple Mimosa

Floral and fruity, this bouquet of sweetness for you to experience starts with green leaf and sweet Pink apple followed by Mimosa and sweet yet silky Lily of the Valley.


Baby powder

A unique scent which seems to harbor fond memories of fresh babies.

First impressions are the ever so valuable Cypress wood notes, backed up by citrus and for the heart of the fragrance is Freesia and Ylang Ylang which tie together to make this subtle yet powerful fragrance a definite favorite for many.



Delicious and fruity this Banana has a sharp banana fragrance which is accompanied by a mouth-watering creamy vanilla. It also has suggestions of Grapefruit, Peach and Strawberry to compliment this fruity sensation.


Bedtime baby / Sleepy time



Black Opium
Dupe of the famous YSL fragrance Black opium. Fragrance notes include Pear, Coffee, Jasmine, Vanilla and Patchouli.Blue berry cheesecake

Black Berry Strawberry / Vixen

This combination is not for the tempted. Rich and fruity the first impression is the blackberry as it makes its presence known, followed by strawberry and exotic jasmine. The finale of this duo is a subtle fine wood and vanilla which rounds this scent from bold to crisp.

Black raspberry / Black Raspberry vanilla

Mouthwatering dark raspberries and vanilla combined with intense blackberries with subtle hints of Banana, silky smooth honey and pineapple. For those who like strong berry scent this is for you!


Blue raspberry / Blue Raspberry slushie


Bubblegum / Bubbilicious

Sweet and juicy, just like the real thing! Fragrance notes of Banana, vanilla, raspberry and strawberry.

Champagne Strawberries

Elegant and memorable this scent carries fragrances of ripe strawberries, raspberries, champagne with subtle hints of vanilla and red roses

Cherry Blossom 


Rich and creamy this chocolate is absolutely mouthwatering!
With a slight citrus backbone over a tantalizing dark chocolate scent it has hints of hazelnut and vanilla to complete its allure.

The only question… is dessert ready yet?

Choc Mint



Cinnamon apple




Clean Cotton


Cloud by ari


 A Caribbean influenced fragrance of coconut milk and white rum, reminiscent of the well known liquor and destination Malibu. To partner with this refreshing scent is
a subtle twist of lemon and a whif of vanilla.

 Coconut lime

 This fusion of scents ties coconut and lime together exceptionally. Both refreshing and smooth it has undertones of vanilla and buttermilk which ties this combination off to be great for everyday use.


Cotton Candy

No introduction is needed for this festival favorite on a stick. Ripened strawberry with sweet caramel and lasting background scents of musk and vanilla.


 Dragons Blood

Egyptian musk


 Masculine and bold, this fragrance was made to turn heads no matter the temperature.

First impressions are of sweet Orange, Lavender and Leather followed by deep wood scents of Amber, Patchouli and Sandalwood.






Flower bomb


Flower Bomb

Frangipani / Wild Frangipani


Fruity Loops


Grape Bubblegum / Grape Jelly

Just as it sounds and true to its name. Sweet grape with added notes of strawberry and raspberries. Try not to eat it.

Japanese Honey suckle

One of our favorites. This sweet flower scent of the Oriental with tones of Vanilla, Jasmine, Neroli and Grape is a real crowd pleaser. It is a strong scent and tends to linger.

Joop / Joop Homme

Classical and masculine, this cologne rarely needs explaining.

It has been a favorite among many for decades!

A combination of Bergamot, Neroli, Patchouli and Vanilla bean gives this fragrance bold and sweet characteristics.

Lady Million




Lavender Ylang Ylang

Fresh and exotic is how we would describe this solid combination of calming Lavender and what the Philippines name “the flower of flowers” Ylang Ylang.
Sweet, citrusy and spicy sums up this treat. It makes its presence known without shouting.


Lychee Guava

Fresh, vibrant this duo makes an entrance as Lychee with a twist of citrus, followed by fleshy peach and full bodied guava and last but not least a tropical coconut to tie this sweetness together perfectly.

Mango / Mango Sorbet



Miss Dior


Monkey Farts 

Do you remember soft banana lollies you may have enjoyed as a child?

On the surface this aroma is similar except it has beautiful notes of kiwi, mango and vanilla to compliment banana. Which of course we would like to think a “monkeys fart” smells like

Musk Sticks

Replicating the delicious musk stick lolly aroma. This is another one that will be hard to resist. Fragrance notes of pineapple, sugar cane, honey and musk


Nag Champa / Bohemian Dreams


One million

Masculine and refined, at home in high society amongst lawyers and traders, this aroma enters the room with a sweet blood orange citrus. Staying with soft leather, whitewood and a body of spicy nutmeg.

Pina colada 


Pink sugar


 Rainbow Sherbet / Skittles / Fruity Burst

A combination of candy sweet strawberry, grape, kiwi fruit with citrus scents of grapefruit and pineapple. This fragrance is reminiscent of a freshly opened bag of Skittles.


A favourite childhood combo of the redskin lolly! Fragrance notes of strawberry, raspberry and vanilla.

Salted Caramel

 Sweet tooth anyone? There are just some things in life that are meant to work together and this combination is no different! Sweet and savory aromas of sea salt infused caramel delight, with a backdrop of hazelnut and condensed milk it just screams sweetness.

Sex on beach


It doesn’t get much better than a clear head. As the name suggests this combination is made for the sinus.

Containing essential oils of Eucalyptus and menthol to help clear the air ways. Peppermint to assist with concentration. Last but not least lavender and fir needle for relaxation.



Snow Fairies

A fruity and sweet blend of cotton candy, pear and peach with fragrance notes of summer berries (Strawberries and raspberries)


Sour Grape




Strawberry Daiquiri

Refreshing and sweet this favorite drink inspire scent combines strawberry, white rum with subtle hints of orange and lemon.

Toffee Apple

Tropical Salsa / Guava


For the vanilla lovers! Rich and sweet, first impression is the buttermilk followed by coconut and dark vanilla. Background notes of musk and spicy aniseed makes this one very uplifting blend.

Vanilla Caramel


Very Berry


Reminiscent of Australian childhood summers, a favorite among many! This juicy sweet full bodied watermelon scent is sure to get the taste buds flowing.