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Clam Wax - Champagne exotic fruits ** LIMITED EDITION

Clam Wax - Champagne exotic fruits ** LIMITED EDITION

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High fragrance Soy Melts Pots, guaranteed to make your house smell devine. 


Weight 95gm per pack



Premium quality soy wax

How to use

Pop out a square or 2 and place in your favourite Warmer or Tealight Burner. You can also cut and place desired amount in warmers for a more subtle fragrance. 

These beauties have an approx 10hr+ burn time per cube. 

Warnings / Safety

Keep out of direct sun light. Do not move a lit wax melter.
Always keep out if reach if pets and children.

Place wax melters on a stable, heat resistant surface. Avoid areas with
drafts. Never leave wax melting unattended. 

may become hot to touch. 
Always store wax melts in a cool dry area < 25 degrees


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